The degrees and diplomas offered at postgraduate level in the Faculty of Humanities are listed below by department. Additional information can be obtained from the Faculty's Postgraduate Office, which is located in the Beattie Building on Upper Campus.


Postgraduate specialisations

African Gender Institute*

Tel: 021 650 4207

Fax: 021 685 2142

Website: African Gender Institute

Hons in Gender and Transformation Research

Research Masters in Gender Studies

PhD in Gender Studies

African Studies Section*

Tel: 021 650 2308

Fax: 021 650 3579

Website: Centre for African Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in African Studies

Hons/Masters in African Studies

Hons/Masters in Heritage and Public Culture

Coursework Masters in African Studies Research

Masters in African Studies

MPhil in Environmental Humanities

PhD in African Studies.

Linguistics Section*

Tel: 021 650 2847

Fax: 021 650 3150

Hons/Masters in Linguistics

Research Masters in Linguistics

PhD in Linguistics.

Anthropology Section*

Tel: 021 650 3678

Fax: 021 650 2307

Website: Social Anthropology


*The above sections fall under the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics

Hons/Masters in Anthropology

Masters in Environmental Humanities

Masters in Practical Anthropology

Research Masters in Social Anthropology

PhD in Anthropology


Tel: 021 650 2353

Fax: 021 650 2352

Website: Archaeology

Hons in Archaeology

Hons in Archaeology & Environmental Science

Research Masters in Archaeology

PhD in Archaeology

Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
Tel: 021 650 7121/2399

Website: CTDPS


  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Performance


  • Theatre (Research only)
  • Dance (Research only)
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Applied Theatre and Dance Studies


  • Theatre
  • Dance


Tel: 021 650 2733

Fax: 021 650 2854

Website: Economics

Hons/Masters in Economics

Masters in Applied Economics

Masters in Health Economics

Research Masters in Economics

PhD in Economics


Tel: 021 650 2772

Fax: 021 650 3489

Website: Education

Advanced Certificate in Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Bachelor of Education (Hons)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education specialising in Higher Education Studies and Educational Technology


Coursework Masters in:

Adult Education

Applied Language and Literacy Studies

Curriculum Studies

Educational Policy, Leadership and Change

Higher Education Studies

Educational Technology

Mathematics Education

Science Education

Primary Education

Research Masters in Education

PhD in Education

English Language and Literature

Tel: 021 650 2861

Fax: 021 650 3726

Website: English Literature

Hons in English Studies

Masters in English in Literature and Modernity

Masters in Creative Writing

Research Masters in English Language and Literature

PhD in English Language & Literature

Environmental and Geographical Science

Tel: 021 650 2874

Fax: 021 650 3456

Website: EGS

Hons/Masters in Environmental and Geographical Studies

Research Masters in Environmental and Geographical Studies

PhD in Environmental and Geographical Studies

Film and Media Studies, Centre for

Tel: 021 650 3373/2852

Fax: 021 650 2854

Website: Centre for Film and Media Studies

Hons in Film Studies

Hons in Film and Television Studies

Hons/Masters in Media Theory and Research

Hons/Masters in Political Communication

Masters in African Cinema

Masters in Documentary Arts

Masters in Global Media

Masters in Screenwriting

Research Masters in Rhetoric Studies

Research Masters in Film Studies or Media Studies

PhD in Film Studies or Media Studies

PhD in Rhetoric Studies

Fine Art, Michaelis School of

Tel: 021 480 7103

Fax: 021 424 2889

Website: Michaelis School of Fine Art

Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art

Hons in Curatorship

Hons/Masters in Art Historical Studies

MFA in Fine Art

Research Masters in Fine Art

PhD in Historical Studies or Art Historical Studies

Historical Studies

Tel: 021 650 2742

Fax: 021 689 7581

Website: Historical Studies

Hons in Historical Studies

Research Masters in Historical Studies

PhD in Historical Studies

Information and Library Studies

Tel: 021 650 3090

Fax: 021 650 4545

Website: Library and Information Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science

Hons/Masters in Library and Information Science

Research Masters in Library and Information Science

PhD in Library and Information Science

Languages and Literatures, School of

Tel: 021 650 2607

Fax: 021 685 5530

Website: School of Languages and Literatures

Hons/Masters in African Languages and Literatures

Hons/Masters in Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies

Hons/Masters in Applied Linguistics and African Language

Hons/Masters in Classical Studies

Hons/Masters in French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin

Hons in Teaching French as a Foreign Language

Hons in Spanish

Hons in Arabic

Research Masters in African Languages and Literatures, Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin

PhD in African Languages and Literatures,

Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Greek, Italian or Latin

PhD in Jewish Studies

PhD in Spanish

Management Studies, School of

Tel: 021 650 3778

Fax: 021 689 7570

Website: School of Management Studies

Hons/Masters in Organisational Psychology

Research Masters in Organisational Psychology

Music, South African College of

Tel: 021 650 2626

Fax: 021 650 2627

Website: South African College of Music

Postgraduate Diploma in Music in Performance

Hons in Musicology, Composition, Performance

Research MMus

MMus specialising in Performance and Dissertation

MMus specialising in Composition and Dissertation

MMus specialising in Coursework, Performance and Dissertation

MMus specialising in Coursework and Dissertation

PhD in Music

DMus by Thesis and Performance

DMus by Thesis and Composition


Tel: 021 650 3316

Fax: 021 650 3316

Website: Philosophy

Hons/Masters in Philosophy

Research Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Research Masters in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy

Political Studies

Tel: 021 650 5916

Fax: 021 689 7574

Website: Political Studies

Hons/Masters in

International Relations

Public Policy and Administration

Hons/Masters in Politics

Research Masters in Political Studies

Research Masters in Public Administration

PhD in Political Studies

PhD in Public Administration


Tel: 021 650 3435

Fax: 021 650 4104

Website: Psychology

Hons in Psychology

Masters in Psychological Research

Masters in Clinical Psychology (named qualification)

Masters in Neuropsychology (named qualification)

Research Masters in Psychology

PhD in Psychology

Public Law

Tel: 021 650 3072

Fax: 021 650 3790

Website: Public Law

Hons in Criminal Justice

Research Masters in Criminology

PhD in Criminology

Religious Studies

Tel: 021 650 5818

Fax: 021 689 7575

Website: Religious Studies

Hons/Masters in Religious Studies

Research Masters in Religious Studies

PhD in Religious Studies

Social Development

Tel: 021 650 3493

Fax: 021 689 2739

Website: Social Development

Hons/Masters in

Probation and Correctional Practice

Clinical Social Work

Social Development

Social Policy and Management

Research Masters in Social Development

Research Masters in Social Planning and Administration

Research Masters in Social Work

PhD in Social Development

PhD in Social Work


Tel: 021 650 3501

Fax: 021 689 7576

Website: Sociology

Hons/Masters in

Development Studies


Industrial Sociology

Masters in Global Studies Research Masters in Industrial Sociology

Research Masters in Sociology

PhD in Sociology

PhD in Industrial Sociology