If you wish to transfer from another faculty at UCT into a Humanities degree, this will often be possible, subject to assessment of your Matric point score, NBT results, length of registration in another programme, and results in your current faculty. Please take careful note of the following conditions:

  1.  In the case of first-year students, we will often overlook a poor first-semester record which has been because you chose the wrong degree for you and disliked your courses.
  2. You should also be aware that you must meet Humanities Matric point entrance requirements for the degree into which you wish to transfer; Humanities entrance thresholds are no lower than any other faculty, and in some cases may be slightly higher; it is not a foregone conclusion that your Matric points are high enough because you were accepted in another faculty.
  3. You cannot apply to transfer to Humanities if you have been excluded from your original faculty. In the case of exclusion, your only route is to appeal against that decision at the end of the year as usual, and specify that you are requesting readmission into Humanities as either your first or second choice; our Readmission Appeals Committee will then consider your request. Please note that if you do not specify Humanities on your appeal, we will not be able to consider your application later. Please also note that you will need to obtain in-principle confirmation of your eligibility to transfer, and will need to include that documentation with your appeal; you can obtain this from Dr. Tiffin, see details below.

Application process:

If you wish to transfer into Humanities, you must initially seek an interview with the Co-Ordinator of Undergraduate Affairs, Dr. Jessica Tiffin (Beattie room 105, or email jessica.tiffin@uct.ac.za). She will check whether or not your Matric results meet our admission thresholds and if you meet our other requirements. If you meet our requirements she can sign a change of curriculum form to move you directly into the general degrees, or will refer you to the relevant course convenor for further authorisation.

If you do not meet our requirements, but only by a narrow margin, she will forward your request for consideration by our Admissions Committee.

If you wish to transfer into one of the Performing/Creative Arts degrees (Music, Dance, Fine Art, Theatre and Performance), please note that these programmes entail mostly whole-year courses, so you will not be able to move at mid-year. You will also need to audition or submit a portfolio.

Transfer into the General Degrees (BA or BSocSc):

The General Degrees offer you a wide choice of subjects which you can select for yourself; you must complete a minimum of two majors (i.e. subject specialisation taken to third-year level) in order to graduate.

If you approach us for transfer during the course of the first semester, we will usually be able to change your degree and courses for the second semester so that you don't waste any time.

  • You will usually be able to transfer if your Matric points meet the requirements for the degree you wish to enter, and if your results for your original faculty are reasonable and you have only spent a year in your previous programme, or if a substantial number of credits from that programme will transfer into a Hum degree if you've been registered for longer than a year (i.e. it is likely that you will be able to finish your Humanities degree before you run out of time).
  • If your results in your current faculty are poor enough that you are likely to be facing exclusion, we will not consider a transfer, but will wait for year-end results to see if you need to go through the Readmission Appeals Committee.

Credits: we will usually accept a limited number of credits for courses you have completed in Law, Science or Commerce subjects towards a General BA or BSocSc degree in Humanities, with a few exceptions (we do not recognise Professional Communications courses) . We do not usually recognise credits from Health Sciences or Engineering subjects, although Humanities, Science or Commerce subjects taken within Engineering or Health Science degrees may still count. Please remember that 12 out of your 20 semester courses required for a general BA or BSocSc must be Humanities credits.

Duration of study: Humanities permits registration for a maximum number of years, namely your degree duration (3 or 4 years) plus 1 year. Note that this is a stricter requirement than in the past; it is becoming increasingly difficult to transfer programmes given the alignment of our readmission criteria with NSFAS's n+1 framework. If you have already been registered in your previous faculty for more than a year, we are unlikely to offer you a place.

Transfer into the Bachelor of Social Work, PPE or BA Film and Media Production stream:

Transfer into these Structured Degree Programmes is at the discretion of the convenor of the programme, and you must also meet Matric points required for entry into the programme.

  • For PPE transfer, the convenor usually requires you to pass a first year in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the general Bachelor of Social Science before he will consider you for transfer into the PPE - see the guidelines for general degrees, above. This means that you must also meet requirements for entry into Economics and Maths courses, i.e. Matric Mathematics at NSC 6 or higher.
  • For Film and Media Production, students are accepted midway through their second year, and only once they have completed the two first-year Film and Media courses (FAM1001F, Media and Society, and FAM1000S, Analysing Film and TV), plus one first-semester second-year course in either Media Studies or Film and Television Studies.

Transfer into the Performing and Creative Arts degrees:

Performing and Creative Arts degrees comprise: Music (BMus and diplomas), Dance (BMus Dance and diplomas), Fine Art (BA in Fine Art) and Theatre and Performance (BA Theatre and Performance, or Performer's Diploma).

  • These practical creative arts programmes entail mostly whole-year courses, so it is not usually possible to transfer at mid-year.
  • You must meet the Matric point application threshold and NBT requirements for these degrees, as well as meeting the necessary standard in a portfolio (Fine Art) or audition (Music, Dance, Theatre).
  • You will only be accepted if your previous registration at UCT has not been too long (i.e. it is likely that you will be able to finish your Humanities degree before you run out of time).
  • You are likely to be able to use a few non-Humanities credits you might have earned in your previous faculty in the elective slots in Performing and Creative Arts degrees, but it is likely that very few of your previous credits will translate into a PCA degree.