The Faculty of Humanities offers the following undergraduate qualifications:

Degree programmes Diploma programmes
  • Bachelor of Arts (HB003)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (HB008)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Performance (HB014)
  • Bachelor of Music (HB010)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (HB001)
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (HB027)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (HB063)
  • Diploma in Theatre and Performance (HU020)
  • Diploma in Music Performance (HU021)

General Degrees and structured degrees:

  1. A General Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Science degree: a formative degree which requires students to study two approved majors, selected from a wide choice of subjects. This type of degree programme is for students with a general interest in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, who wish to construct their own course of study in a formative degree, rather than being committed to a prescribed set curriculum.
  2. Structured degree programmes: special combinations of disciplines and courses with each year of study building on the knowledge and skills developed during the previous year. This type of degree programme is for students with an interest in specific aspects of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and who are willing to commit themselves to a tightly-structured curriculum.

Degree majors: Click here for the list of Humanities academic majors available under our General and Structured Degree programmes.

Admission requirements by qualification: Download the Humanities Undergraduate Studies Guide: 2018. This Undergraduate Studies Guide is a comprehensive resource for prospective Humanities students. It contains admission requirements; information on how to calculate your admission points as well as information on our 15 academic departments.

A guide to undergraduate studies in Humanities at UCT
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