Mourning Our Collective Loss of the African Studies Library and Archive, Friday 1pm

20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021

Following the devastating loss of the African Studies Library, the Centre for Curating the Archive is organising an online session for Friday 23 April, 1pm-3pm, in order to take stock, process and share grief around the loss of the African Studies Library and its collections. 

Our session builds on the important information already circulated by the Vice Chancellor. 

 Representatives from UCT Libraries will be in attendance and provide insight into the losses and possibilities for recovery and next steps. The Centre for Curating the Archive will provide information about the state of the Bleek and Lloyd Archive as best we know, what has been digitised and what is accessible. We are also gathering inputs from archival hubs linked to the African Studies Library, and stakeholders from other affected collections, such as the Bolus Herbarium. Following an accounting we hope to reflect on what it means to negotiate the loss of an archive and what imperatives might guide our responses to this loss. 

 This is only one start of multiple, different conversations that will occur across the university that reflect and process what is an enormously tragic event.

 Please join us by following the following Zoom link on Friday,  here.


           Image credit: News24