Alexander Teggin

Alexander is an energetic, media professional, currently working as a Content Strategist. He graduated with his BAHons in Media Theory and Practice in 2013. He is passionate about all forms of media, art and language with an intense fascination with play, youth-media and pop culture. He is currently employed as a Digital Strategist, specializing in Content and Social Media at J. Walter Thompson & Mirum Advertising Agencies. He previously worked with the VML Agency network in a similar position. His job allows him to work with multiple brands and companies across different industries, assisting with their content, social media, ecommerce and digital presence. He has worked on many award-winning advertising campaigns and on some of SA's biggest and most-loved brands. He aspires to starting his own business one day and assisting those around him with their businesses. Alexander shares that “Having an thorough understanding of Media is vital in a multitude of industries and professions across the globe and especially in digital media, content creation and ecommerce. UCT's Media Department is the perfect stepping-stone into any career in the digital space”. He asserts that the most important lesson he learnt at UCT was “To question everything, always rely on data to help enforce insight and to remain happy and resilient when the outcomes look bleak”. He advises incoming students to “look at the big picture and step outside of what you are presented with. Tertiary education will only offer you a quarter of the tip of the iceberg and it is your responsibility to discover the rest for yourself.”



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