Busang Senne

Busang graduated in 2015 with her B.A. Film and Media production specialising in Print Journalism. Her passions are  good writing, pop culture and sugar. After leaving UCT she worked as a junior writer at PUNK Digital, a subdivision of the advertising agency King James. Thereafter, she worked as a social media intern, and then social media manager at Ginkgo Agency, the content/production agency responsible for 21 Icons and Beautiful News. She then took on a role as a features writer and content producer for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. She has since moved on from Cosmopolitan and travelled around Indonesia and plans to complete her Honours in Journalism at Wits whilst working as a freelance culture writer. Busang says, “My degree taught me to think laterally. It completely shaped my critical lens, how I approach ideas and flesh them out, and has become a way for me to navigate my reality. I will say that I don’t think it prepared me for the working world, nor did it prepare me for the expectations and realities of what the media landscape is actually like and our position in it. But, it definitely gave me tools for being able to make the best decisions I can for myself and in all honesty, you just have to learn some things for yourself”. She recalls her fondest memory of the department “was attending the launch of the poverty and inequality newspaper that we made as a class. It was called Cape Connect and the launch was very affirming – the biryani, even more so.” Her advice for new students is to “There’s a reason why you’re here – you is smart, you is kind, you is important. Show up yourself and look after yourself.”


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