Cassidy Nydahl

Cassidy graduated in 2015 with Honours in Media Theory and Practice. She enjoys solving problems with creative solutions that genuinely help the people they target. After her under-graduate degree, she travelled and worked abroad to explore her options and different languages. An opportunity to work on a food magazine, MyKitchen, ultimately brought her back to South Africa. Here she did an internship dabbling in all parts of the publishing process, but ultimately was responsible for growing the social media community. At the same time, she finished her post-graduate degree in media. Digital content marketing and creating and sustaining online communities has since been my sole career focus. I am currently the Digital Editor on the Pick n Pay Clubs account at John Brown Media. One of the biggest projects she has been a part of is the Purity website. For this project, she was responsible for managing the +50 pieces of content by commissioning an array of expert writers and herself to populate a useful, locally-relevant and thorough content hub. The website has since been nominated for best corporate website in the New Generation Awards 2018. It has put her in good stead for the Pick n Pay Baby Club website she is currently heading up editorial on.

She believes her degree gave her a great foundation for writing, researching and establishing a consistent and unrelenting work ethic. She states that the most important lesson she learnt at UCT was “Your success can only be measured by the interest and effort you put into your work.”

Cassidy’s advice for incoming students is to “take every opportunity for extracurricular projects that you can – the people you meet and the skills you will learn will be invaluable to the real working world out there.”


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