Chelsea Evans

Chelsea graduated with BA Film and Media Production in 2015  and BA Honours Television Drama in 2016. She is a positive and hard-working creative, looking for joy and balance in everything she does. She was hired three months out of her Honours year. She has worked as a videographer and motion designer for an e-learning agency, Hubble Studios since March 2017. She says, “tertiary education in my field was a requirement for every job I applied for, as well as the one I got. In that sense, my degrees have been vital”. She says that the most important lesson she has applied from university is that “there aren't always going to be people to keep you on your path or motivate you to get things done. You achieve and succeed as much as the hard work you're willing to put in”. Her advice to incoming students is, “treat every challenge as a learning opportunity. So many of the problems that seemed insurmountable in my time at university taught me my most important life lessons.”


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