Erin MacPherson

Erin graduated in 2018 with Bachelor of Arts Honours Specialising in Film Theory and Practice. She is a hardworking, creative individual whose desire is to create content that is socio-politically didactic, in the hopes of educating the world - and myself - into becoming, (hopefully) a more understanding and accepting place. She is passionate about Film and TV, politics, screenwriting, poetry.

She currently works at GetSmarter/2U Cape Town Office, which is an online educational company that generates premium short courses for students. She is involved in the video production side of things; organising shoots, filming shoots, and editing the videos together.

She describes her biggest achievement thus far as, “My Honours film, The Water Dancers, screening at the Cape Town International Film Market & Festival, Johannesburg Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, and its world premiere at the Science Film Festival, and International Green Film Festival.”

She believes her degree, “taught me the filmmaking basics, how to network, the challenges that come with filmmaking, as well as the consistent dedication and commitment required for film projects. It also provided me with necessary contacts that I needed in order to get into my current industry.” She biggest lesson she learnt at UCT is that, “you are always learning. There is only so much knowledge and skills that a degree can equip you with. You have to constantly educate yourself and improve yourself in order to be better. University is only a stepping stone towards success; not the benchmark.”

Her advice to incoming students is, “there is fun in work too, you just have to find something that you are passionate about. And it is okay to have a different world view or perspective on things, but always research and substantiate first. That is a benefit of university - it teaches you that value is rooted in substance. Your opinions and work are only valuable if they have substantial backing that validates it. University is difficult and strenuous, and never underestimate the amount of work that it requires. Even the smartest, most hardworking will struggle at times. I most certainly did as well. But a degree gives you more than simply a qualification - it's a certificate that acts as a consistent reminder to yourself that you are capable and you are worthy. So look for the fun in your work too, find that passion that drives you. Remind yourself why you are here. And then apply yourself fully. And once you have substantiated to yourself why this work is important to you, show the world why as well.”  


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