Lauren Joubert

Lauren graduated un 2010  with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film and Media, English and Writing. She is passionate about Animal welfare, empowering SME’s with digital, helping people excel, whether it’s in a personal or professional capacity. Straight after graduation, she started an internship at Marie Claire SA. She started their blog and then went on to work and study as a web developer and designer. From there, she moved to Zando- before they opened- and became the Head of Content in studio. She then worked for a digital marketing agency when social media really started to boom for businesses and was their Head Copywriter and SM strategist. After that she worked for the Sunday Times as Group Online Editor for 4 different titles and she stands there for four years. She worked at Philip Morris as a digital marketer to help launch their RRP products and she is now a remote digital strategist for a media company in the UK and the UAE.

She hopes to register herself as a SME and further aid smaller companies in SA with reaching their targets for increased employment. Lauren says her degree has allowed her to think out of the box. She says, “the biggest part of my UCT journey was seeing the world through a different lens. Being conscious to others, culturally, racially and how much of an impact we can make if we work together. My degree has empowered me to think in a completely different way through all my electives, my eyes and mind were opened. The course materials through my majors gave me the background I needed to disrupt the market with new, fresh ideas, while holding true to ethics. I am able to succeed and further learn through the joy of studying I experienced at UCT.” 

She believes the most important lesson she learned whilst at UCT was, “To never be afraid to share you own ideas. To disrupt the market and use what you were taught in today’s market.” Her fondest memory of her time at CFMS is “sitting outside of art block with my friends and in my 3rd year becoming closer to my lecturers, who I the considered the shapers of my future”.

Her advice to incoming students is, “Don’t be afraid to have to pick your majors and think you’ll be stuck in that box forever. You don’t need to know what your future is right now. But know that by getting an education, you are shaping your mind which will in turn allow you to make the best decisions for your future. Nothing is set in stone, but understand that education is powerful! Enjoy every minute of your time at campus- Even when all you want to do is stay in bed. It’s going to be the best years of your life.”


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