Mandilakhe Yengo

Mandilakhe is in-house director at Penguin Films and one of the shareholders in Paw Paw Films, Penguin's sister company.

He says, "I’m a very introverted person, but working in this industry has helped me get out of my shell and learn how to communicate clearly with others. Again, it has allowed me to meet new people all the time and share ideas and world issues with them through the work that I do. Being on set means that you’re on the frontlines, and experiencing that chemistry with the actors is incredible. If I think back to 10-year-old me, I would never believe that I would’ve reached this stage in my life.

"The UCT Centre for Film and Media department obviously introduced me into this world, and gave me the opportunity to see and learn from different people and different issues that are happening in the real world."

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