African drums

The Faculty has the privilege of being home to treasured original South African works. To find out more about the different collections and archived resources click on the right.

Some of the featured collections include:

The Bleek & Lloyd Archive
Digitised archives of the original dictionary created by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd in the 1870s and 1880s. The dictionary, comprising tens of thousands of individual entries, is a poignant reminder of the power of words and language to describe and embody a world-view and cosmology; the Bleek & Lloyd archive is one of the most significant of UCT's document and image collections.

The Kirby Collection
The Kirby Collection is a unique and irreplaceable pre-urbanization example of the musical heritage of Southern Africa. The Collection comprises more than 600 musical instruments, the majority of which were used in Southern Africa prior to 1934. It includes instruments made and played by all indigenous Southern African groups. It also includes a smaller collection of instruments from Western Europe and from Asia for comparative purposes.The Kirby Collection is housed on the ground floor of the South African College of Music