Previous Director: Andrea Brigaglia (2012-2020)

Dr. Andrea Brigaglia (PhD, University of Naples, 2005) was based at the University of Cape Town from 2009-2020.  His research and teaching are focussed in the area of Islam in Africa, with a special emphasis on West Africa (Nigeria) and on the role of Muslim scholars in the region's intellectual history. He has published or done research on the formation of scholarly networks of the Tijaniyya Sufi order in Nigeria, Ghana and Tunisia; on Qur'anic exegesis in Northern Nigeria; on twentieth century religious literature in Nigeria (in Hausa and Arabic); on manuscript collections in Abeche (Chad); on the ideological origins of Boko Haram.

Selected Publications

Brigaglia, Andrea. and Nobili, Mauro, The Arts and Crafts of Knowledge: Islamic Manuscript Cultures in Sub-Saharan Africa, Berlin: De Gruyter (2017).

Brigaglia, Andrea. “Reading on Boko Haram: A Journey in the Interdisciplinary Study of Islam in Africa,” Religious Studies Review, vol. 46, 2 (2020).

Brigaglia, Andrea.  “The Origins of Boko Haram, and Why the War on Terror Matters,” Diritto & Questioni Pubbliche, vol. 20, 1 (2020).

Brigaglia, Andrea. “Entangled Incidents: Nigeria in the Global War on Terror, 1990s-2009,” African Conflict and Peace-Building Review, vol. 12, 2 (2020).

Brigaglia, Andrea. “The ‘Lapsed Abode of Unbelief’: The Takfir Entanglement in jihadi-Salafi Thought, Between the Caliphate and the Islamic State West Africa Province,” Studi Magrebini, vol. 18, 2 (2020).

Brigaglia, Andrea. “Eu-rap-ia: Rap, Sufism and the Arab qaṣida in Europe,” in: Francesco Piraino and Mark Sedgwick (eds.), Global Sufism: Boundaries, Narratives and Practices, London: Hurst (2019), pp. 3-118.

Brigaglia, Andrea.“Sufi Poetry in Twentieth-Century Nigeria: A Khamriyya and a Ghazal by Shaykh Abū Bakr al-ʿAtīq (1909–1974),” Journal of Sufi Studies (Brill), vol. 6 (2017): 190-232.