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Year Author Title Unit Publication type
2023 J. M. Lachman, R. Juhari, F. Stuer, P. Zinser, 
Q. Han, F. Gardner, A. McCoy, S. N. Yaacob, 
R. Kahar, M. Mansor, Z. Madon, Z. Arshat, F. Z. M. Nadzri, N. F. A. Aftar & C. Landers
“Before I was like a Tarzan. But now, I take a pause”: mixed methods feasibility study of the Naungan Kasih parenting program to prevent violence against children in Malaysia SaVI Journal article
2023 M. Martin, B. Steele, T. F. Spreckelsen, J. M. Lachman, F. Gardner & Y. Shenderovich The Association Between Facilitator Competent Adherence and Outcomes in Parenting Programs: a Systematic Review and SWiM Analysis SaVI Journal article
2023 Waller, F., Prandstetter, K., Jansen, E., Nikolova, G., Lachman, J. M., Hutchings, J., & Foran, H. M.  Screen use: Its association with caregiver mental health, parenting, and children's ADHD symptoms SaVI Journal article
2023 Murphy, H., Prandstetter, K., Ward, C. L., Hutchings, J., Kunovski, I., Tăut, D., & Foran, H. M.  Factor structure of the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale among caregivers in Southeastern Europe SaVI Journal article
2022 Prandstetter, K., Waller, F., Heinrichs, N., Hutchings, J., Ward, C. L., Dănilă, I., Lachman, J. M., & Foran, H. M.  Measuring dysfunctional parenting: Psychometrics of three versions of the Parenting Scale SaVI Journal article
2022 Wolpe, H., Ward, C., Kruyer, R., & Sacolo, H.  The Psychosocial Well-being of Frontline Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa SaVI Journal article
2022 Margiad E. Williams, Heather M. Foran, Judy Hutchings, Inga Frantz, Diana Taut, Jamie M. Lachman, Catherine L. Ward & Nina Heinrichs  Exploring factors associated with parent engagement in a parenting program in Southeastern Europe SaVI Journal article
2022 Aimee Tredoux, Nathan Phillander, Huw Williams, Catherine L. Ward, and Leigh Schrieff-Brown 

Investigating parenting factors, traumatic brain injury and callous and unemotional traits among high school students in a South African setting

SaVI Journal article
2022  Lorraine Sherra, Helen Mebrahtua, Kasonde Mwabaa, Nisso Nurovab, Angelique Nicole Chetty, Alison Swartz, Lucie Cluver, Kathryn J. Steventon Roberts, and Jamie M. Lachman ‘Tipping the balance'–an evaluation of COVID-19 parenting resources developed and adapted for child protection during global emergency responses. SaVI Journal article
2022 Yulia Shenderovicha, Hlengiwe Sacolo-Gwebu, Zuyi Fangc, Jamie Lachman, Lucie Cluver and Catherine Ward Adaptations and staff experiences in delivering parenting programmes and other family support services in three community-based organisations in Cape Town, South Africa during the COVID pandemic. SaVI Journal article
2022 M Prinsloo, M Machisa, R Kassanjee, C L Ward, I Neethling, L Artz, R Jewkes, N Abrahams, V Pillay van-Wyk, R Matzopoulos, D Bradshaw & R Pacella Estimating the changing burden of disease attributable to interpersonal violence in South Africa for 2000, 2006 and 2012 SaVI Journal article
2022 Katharina Prandstetter, Franziska Waller, Nina Heinrichs, Judy Hutchings, Catherine L. Ward, Ingrid Dănilă, Jamie M. Lachman, Heather M. Foran Measuring dysfunctional parenting: Psychometrics of three versions of the Parenting Scale SaVI Journal article

Lakshmi Neelakantan Deborah Fry, Lani Florian, Doriana Silion Madalina Filip, Mildred Thabeng, Kathlyn Te, Jun Angelo Sunglao, Mengyao Lu, Catherine L.Ward, Adriana Baban, Rosanne M. Jocson, Liane Alampay, Franziska Meinck

“What does that mean?”: The content validity of the ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool - Child version (ICAST-C) in Romania, South Africa, and the Philippines SaVI Journal article
2022 Aja Louise Murray, Diana Taut, Adriana Baban, Chad Lance Hemady, Susan Walker, Joseph Osafo, Siham Sikander, Mark Tomlinson, Stefani Du Toit, Marguerite Marlow, Catherine L. Ward, Asvini Fernando, Bernadette Madrid, Vo Van Thang, Hoang Dinh Tuyen, Michael Dunne, Claire Hughes, Pasco Fearon, Sara Valdebenito, and Manuel Eisner Associations between ADHD symptoms and maternal and birth outcomes  in a multi-country cohort of expectant mothers. SaVI Journal article
2022 Aja Louise Murray, Chad Lance Hemady, Do Phuc Huyen, Michael Dunne, Sarah Foley, Joseph Osafo, Siham Sikande, Bernadette Madrid, Adriana Baban, Diana Taut, Catherine Ward, Asvini Fernando, Vo Van Thang, Manuel Eisner, Claire Hughes, Pasco Fearon, Sara Valdebenito, Mark Tomlinson, Susan Walker Measuring antenatal depressive symptoms across the world: A validation and cross-country invariance analysis of the Patient Health Questionnaire – 9 (PHQ-9) in eight diverse low resource settings SaVI Journal article
2022 Laura Katus, Sarah Foley, Aja L. Murray, Bao-Yen Luong-Thanh, Diana Taut, Adriana Baban, Bernadette Madrid, Asvini D. Fernando, Siham Sikander, Catherine L. Ward, Joseph Osafo, Marguerite Marlow, Stefani Du Toit, Susan Walker, Thang Van Vo, Pasco Fearon, Sara Valdebenito, Manuel P. Eisner & Claire Hughes  Perceived stress during the prenatal period: assessing measurement invariance of the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) across cultures and birth parity SaVI Journal article
2022 Chad Lance Hemady, Lydia Gabriela Speyer, Aja Louise Murray, Ruth Harriet Brown, Franziska Meinck, Deborah Fry, Huyen Do, Siham Sikander, Bernadette Madrid, Asvini Fernando, Susan Walker, Michael Dunne, Sarah Foley, Claire Hughes, Joseph Osafo, Adriana Baban, Diana Taut, Catherine L. Ward, Vo Van Thang, Pasco Fearon, Mark Tomlinson, Sara Valdebenito & Manuel Eisner  Patterns of adverse childhood experiences and associations with prenatal substance use and poor infant outcomes in a multi-country cohort of mothers: a latent class analysis SaVI Journal article

Marisa Casale, Rachel Yates, Lesley Gittings, Genevieve Haupt Ronnie, Oluwaseyi Somefun & Chris Desmond

Consolidate, conceptualize, contextualise: key learnings for future intervention acceptability research with young people in Africa SaVI Journal article

Isang Awah, Ohad Green, Lauren Baerecke, Roselinde Janowski, Jonathan Klapwijk, Angelique N Chetty, Joyce Wamoyi & Lucie D Cluver

‘It provides practical tips, practical solutions!’: acceptability, usability, and satisfaction of a digital parenting intervention across African countries SaVI Journal article
2020 Guy Lamb Dismantling the State Security Apparatus SaVI Book chapter
2019 J. Paul Dunne, Guy Lamb and Efychia Nikolaidou  South Africa and its defence industry SaVI Book chapter
2019 Lauren Sue October Antiforeigner Resentment as a Manifestation of Xhosa Hegemonic Masculinity SaVI Journal article
2019 Guy Lamb Social cohesion and violence in South Africa: constructing a puzzle with missing pieces SaVI Journal article