The Research Institute on Christianity and Society in Africa (RICSA)

The Research Institute on Christianity and Society in Africa was headed by Professor Asonzeh Ukah and engages in high quality research on Christianity in public life and action in the context of challenges of globalization, diversity and identity in Africa.

Its major current activity is through the International Religious Health Assets Programme (IRHAP), a multi-site, interreligious, transdisciplinary collaborative research project, with the Africa hub located at UCT.

The International Religious Health Assets Programme (IRHAP)

Initiated in 2003 with colleagues from Emory University, USA, it includes two other Collaborative Centres at Wits University and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and works with several other collaborating partners in Africa, Europe and the USA.

IRHAP is primarily involved in work on the interface between religion and public health in Africa, and engages in mapping and assessment of RHAs, policy development and practice, capacity building (especially through supporting masters and doctoral research), publications, a resource centre, and building a long-term network of scholars and practitioners.

Numerous publications have been generated.

Social History Project

RICSA has also completed a multi-year project on "The Social History of Christianity in South Africa, 1487-1994", with multiple volumes, archives and a database now available on CD-ROM, two volumes of which are published by Unisa Press.

See the external Social History Project site for more information. These CD-ROM's are also for sale within the Department - contact Tasneem Wise