Prof Lesley Green


Lesley Green is a Professor of Earth Politics and Director of Environmental Humanities South at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as well as Principal Investigator for the Critical Zones Africa project funded by the Science for Africa Foundation, in partnership with the Universities of Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Zimbabwe, Lilongwe Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and the Human Sciences Research Council. She is a former Fulbright Scholar at the Science and Justice Research Center at the University of California at Santa Cruz; Mandela Fellow at Havard University; Rockerfeller Humanities Fellow at the Smithsonian, and Cheney Fellow at the University of Leeds' Global Food and Environment Institute, her research focusses on justice-based environmental governance sciences in Southern Africa. She is a member of the Club of Rome and a member of the Steering Committee for the Earth Humanity Coalition, working alongside the IYBSSD and UNESCO in activities for the UN Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development (2024-2033). Her book Rock | Water | Life: Ecology and Humanities for a Decolonising South Africa (Duke / Wits, 2020) won the Humanities Book Prize awarded by the Academy of Science of South Africa in 2023.

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