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We would like to strengthen our interaction with our alumni and so we invite you to monitor faculty events using the online calendar. UCT hosts a number of seminars and Open Lectures featuring visiting academics and global opinion leaders. This will enable you to join a network of friends, former class mates and the wider university community.

Access wider UCT Alumni news, updates and events at alumni.uct.ac.za. Keep in touch with us and update your details. Connect, reconnect and build your professional network through LinkedIn. Stay up to date with alumni events in your area.

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    The Humanities Update was an alumni newsletter aimed at keeping you abreast of faculty news and events. We have since discontinued the Humanities Update publication, but we continue to celebrate the year’s highlights in our regularly published articles on Humanities achievements:

    Download the past magazine PDF files here: 

    Humanities Update, December 2018

    Humanities Update, December 2016

    Humanities Update, December 2015

    Humanities Update, December 2014

    Humanities Update, December 2013

    Humanities Update, November 2012

    Humanities Update, November 2011

    Humanities Update,September 2010

    Humanities Update, September 2009

    Humanities Update, June 2008

    Humanities Update, June 2007

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