Please note that the mailbox is reserved for queries from registered UCT Humanities undergraduate students. Prospective students and applicants may contact the Matriculation Board of Universities South Africa directly (

What is matric exemption?

Matriculation exemption is a legal requirement, facilitated by the Matriculation Board of Universities South Africa, wherein students who do not meet the statutory minimum admission requirements to enter tertiary studies in public universities in South Africa apply for a certificate of exemption.

Who needs to apply for matric exemption?

  • Students who did not pass the National Senior Certificate with the necessary endorsement;
  • Students who completed an equivalent foreign school-leaving qualification that are wishing to register for first-degree studies in South Africa.

Matric Exemption Application Information

The following documents are required in order to submit an application -

  1. Completed M30 application form*;
  2. Correctly certified copy of your ID document or passport*;
  3. Correctly certified copies all your final school-leaving certificates/diplomas and, if applicable, all final official tertiary studies transcripts, SAT certificates, etc.*; and
  4. Official proof of payment of the USAF fee.

*Please ensure these documents have been correctly certified.


NOTE: COMMISSIONER OF OATHS (non-university) OR POLICE CERTIFICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Original documents can be certified only by -

  • a Registrar of a South African university, or delegated Faculty Office staff (available Tuesday-Friday between 09:00-11:00 in the Beattie Building, Upper Campus);
  • a Public Notary (not an attorney – stamp must state “Public Notary”); or
  • the South African Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or Trade Mission in a foreign country.

Step 1: Pay your application fee

See for amounts. Ensure to obtain the proof of payment, this is needed in the next steps. (Note: Screenshots and bank statements will not be accepted.)

Step 2: Certify your documents

Documents required for your matric exemption application must be certified.

Registrar-delegated Faculty Office staff are available Tuesday-Friday, between 09:00-11:00, in the Beattie Building, Upper Campus.

Step 3: Softcopy Submission

The Faculty Office is able to submit an application on your behalf if you are a registered student; please email the above mentioned certified documents to

Alternatively, you may apply directly through to the Matriculation Board of Universities South Africa You may apply online directly via ensure that you email us at once you have received an application number.

Step 4: Hardcopy Submission

Once a softcopy application has been have submitted to the Matriculation Board of Universities South Africa, you will need to post/courier the original certified documents to University SA - 

Address for Post

Address for Courier

Universities SA (Matriculation Board)

PO Box 3854



South Africa

Tabile Mphatsoe

Universities SA

1267 Pretorius Street

1st Floor Block E Hadefields Office Park





Step 5: Monitor your application

Be sure to regularly check the progress of your application. In the event that a document is outstanding, the Matriculation Board will send you an email notification. Outstanding documents must be submitted within 120 days, or your application will be cancelled.

Step 6: Send us your certificate

Once your application is evaluated, you will be sent a softcopy certificate confirming your complete or conditional exemption. Please send this to so we can update your UCT-record to reflect your exemption status. This will allow you to register for the next year or graduate.


Need more help?

You can find further information at the Universities South Africa website (, or you are welcome to contact us at Please remember to include your student number in all correspondence with university staff.