Researchers in the Faculty of Humanities regularly win awards for their teaching, publications and creative productions. These include:

The Alan Pifer Award

This award is the vice-chancellor’s annual prize in recognition of outstanding welfare-related research. It highlights UCT's strategic goal of promoting socially responsive research, and honours a UCT researcher whose outreach work has contributed to the advancement and welfare of South Africa’s disadvantaged people.

Collaborative Educational Practice (CEP) Award

The CEP Award recognises collaborative approaches that enhance the teaching and learning environment at the UCT.

The UCT Book Award

The UCT Book Award recognises outstanding books written by members of staff. Published works in any category, including monographs, textbooks, novels, collections and popular writing, are eligible for consideration by the Book Award Committee. 

The UCT Creative Works Award

These awards were established to recognise major creative works, including art works, performances, productions, compositions and architectural designs produced by UCT staff.

The UCT Distinguished Teachers Award

This is the highest accolade awarded to teaching staff at all levels within the university and recognises excellent teaching. Through the award, the University of Cape Town acknowledges the primary place of teaching and learning in the university's work. 

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards aim to recognise members of the UCT community who make an outstanding contribution to the university’s mission and objectives in areas beneficial to the university and its strategic imperative.