Congratulations on starting your studies in the Humanities Faculty of UCT!

We understand that arriving on campus can be a bit confusing and that you may feel a bit disoriented. For this reason we have created a Humanities Student Guide for you that will provide you with all of the important information and contacts you need as a new student.

New students are given a copy of the Humanities Student Guide during Orientation. This guide is one of a set of Humanities booklets designed to provide you with all the critical information relating to your academic studies and student life on campus. However, should you have any additional queries, please contact or visit the Humanities Undergraduate Office which is located in the Beattie Building (Upper Campus) and/or visit your relevant academic departments.

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Humanities Faculty Office


  • Registration queries
  • Curriculum queries
  • Advisor queries
  • Change courses/ majors/ degrees
  • Leave of absence queries
  • Time clash/concession queries
  • Faculty Scholarship queries

Beattie Building, University Avenue

Tel: 021 650 2691

Email the Faculty Office


  • Course-specific queries
  • Textbooks
  • Assignments
  • Lectures
  • Vula
  • Tutorials
  • Tests & exams
  • DP requirements

Please see our list of Departments for contact information and office locations.

Fees Office

  • Fees schedule and payment deadline queries
  • Payment queries
  • Rebate queries
  • Fee statement queries

Level 3 Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus

Tel: 021 650 1704

Email the Fees Office

Undergraduate Student Financial Aid

  • Bursary queries
  • Scholarship (exclud. Faculty scholarship) queries
  • NSFAS queries
  • GAP Funding queries

Level 3, Kramer Law Building,

Middle Campus

Tel: 021 650 3545

Email the Undergraduate  Financial Aid Office


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