Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements for all undergraduate programmes in the Humanities Faculty can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Calculating admission points

All applicants writing the National Senior Certificate must obtain the NSC with endorsement for degree studies or endorsement for diploma studies where this is the programme of choice. For applicants writing the NSC, and for those who wrote the Senior Certificate in the past, a Faculty Point Scoring System is used which assigns points to subjects passed, as indicated in the FPS table (see links below). Admission points are allocate to English and the next five best subjects (excluding Life Orientation). Please take time to read carefully through the following admission guide document:

The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs)

The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are tests designed to measure a writer's ability to respond to and cope with the entry-level academic literacy, quantitative literacy and mathematics demands they will face in their university studies. They are used by universities in South Africa to determine the readiness of the writer for higher education.

View more information on the NBT's should you wish to apply for undergraduate studies.

Download the 2023 NBT brochure to choose test dates and access the online booking system.

Auditions & portfolios

Auditions and portfolios are required for entry to our Performing and Creative Arts programmes only. Please note: no applications for entry to our Performing and Creative Arts programmes will be considered without the submission of the required auditions (for Music, Dance and Drama applicants) or the submission of a portfolio (for Fine Art applicants).

Fine Art

In addition to the general UCT application (which must be submitted to the central Admissions Office), applicants must submit a portfolio of their work to the Michaelis School of Fine Art. A portfolio should consist of at least 10 pieces of work (either originals or good colour photographs) that show evidence of observational skill and creative engagement. Additional information, and advice on preparing the portfolio, are available by contacting the School, or visiting the Michealis School of Fine Art website. The selection panel grades and ranks the portfolios and makes a recommendation to the Faculty. The Faculty of Humanities Undergraduate Office matches the portfolio recommendation with the FPS and NBT scores – applicants must have an acceptable FPS score, NBT score and portfolio recommendation to be made an offer. As long as the FPS score is above the cut off, the portfolio recommendation is the leading indicator.

Theatre and Performance

The selection process for the BA Theatre and Performance degree is different from the selection process for the Diploma in Theatre and Performance. Applicants for the Diploma in Theatre and Performance must attend an in-person audition. Applicants for the BA Theatre and Performance degree must upload a video audition using the departmental website upload forms.

For the BA Theatre and Performance degree, applicants are considered for the programme on the basis of skills and abilities demonstrated on their video audition, as well as a reference letter and submitted essay.

For the Diploma in Theatre and Performance, the Selection Panel auditions applicants face-to-face and identifies the best audition performances. The applicants’ individual skills and abilities are assessed as well as the applicants’ ability to work in a group context with others, and consideration is given to the composition of the class as a whole. Applicants are also asked to submit an essay which is used as an additional indicator of an applicant’s writing ability alongside the NBT score.
In both cases, the top candidates are recommended to the Faculty Office. Other acceptable auditionees are wait-listed in rank order to be considered later if offers are turned down.  Depending on the FPS score and NBT, the Faculty Office makes an offer of a place in either the degree or diploma programme to successful applicants. As long as the FPS score is above the cut off, the leading indicator is the audition performance live or on video.


The SACM selection panels audition applicants and thereafter the Head of Department (HoD) will make recommendations to the Faculty Office. Depending on the FPS score and performance in the NBT, the Faculty Office makes offers to those applicants recommended by the selection panels for either the degree or diploma programme, depending on the FPS scores and NBT scores. As long as the FPS score is above the cut off, the leading indicator is the audition performance. All applicants must come prepared for their auditions. Make sure to liaise with the relevant department for assistance with the audition.