The Performing and Creative Arts

As the premier teaching and research institution in Africa, we recruit and nurture the very best. Among them, well-known opera stars, artists, dancers, film and theatre industry professionals of national and international standing. 

However, specialised training and mentorship are expensive to maintain. This is true across all Performing and Creative Arts disciplines. In order for us to continue to produce the best, we rely on the financial support of our donor community. We believe that UCT alumni have a pivotal role to play in ensuring the sustainability of the future Performing and Creative Arts talent pipeline.

At the University of Cape Town, the Performing and Creative Arts cluster is comprised of the following:

How UCT alumni can help

We need you (our alumni) to assist UCT in maintaining and growing our standard of excellence in the Performing and Creative Arts.  Your generous donation can take the form of a once-off pledge or longer-term sponsorship that will assist with bursaries, specialised training and mentorship as well as the staging of productions, showcases and exhibitions.

Show your true colours. Support the artists of tomorrow.  Click here to pledge your support


Show your true colours: a fundraising film

We wanted a device that would reflect the full range of creative disciplines in the Humanities, a tool to articulate the funding need in a visceral and aesthetically pleasing way. So we searched for a production company that could deliver on this exciting challenge and more. Father and daughter team Clifford and Emma Bestall from Shadow Pictures were selected to oversee production on the new Performing and Creative Arts film. We asked them to share what the process of making the film was like:

My favourite thing about the film is the way that it incorporates so many voices across so many disciplines, and that the majority of these voices are young and fresh and so come from the heart of UCT's project to develop relevant and effective creatives, rather than from the top down - Emma Bestall, Film producer and UCT alumnus.

Watch the new film here:

Show your true colours. Support the artists of tomorrow.
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The film concept

Production commenced in October 2015 with filming taking place at several locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We invaded artist’s homes, their workplaces, their studios, theatre changing rooms and even a film set in Johannesburg. The goal was to develop a vibrant, thought-provoking narrative featuring former UCT Performing and Creative Art students who describe the ways in which a UCT education has and is currently benefiting their professional careers.

I was last involved with UCT, particularly Michaelis, as a lecturer in the late 70’s. UCT, and South Africa was obviously a very different place then and so to return to the campus almost 40 years later and experience what we had hoped for so many years ago, was heartwarming. Students now have a confidence that, to an outsider, suggests they have banished the ghosts of the past and now own the campus - Clifford Bestall, Documentary Film Producer and Director.

The interviewees

Interviewees were identified on the basis of their career profile; their availability and for the ways in which they challenge convention and push the boundaries within their chosen fields. We approached individuals who are making a meaningful contribution to the Arts in South Africa and beyond. 

UCT Faculty of Humanities would like to thank the following alumni, staff and students who gave of their time to feature in this short fundraising film.  Although not all participants feature in the final cut of the film, we remain grateful to all who were interviewed for their willingness to help promote the cause.