Dr Faisal Garba Muhammed

Senior Lecturer

BA/Hons. (Ghana) MA/PhD (Freiburg and UCT)

Consultation Times:
(by appointment) 
Please email me in advance.

My research and teaching interests radiate around African migration, social change, working class history and organization, African historical sociology, and social theory. I teach courses on Social Theory, Society and Change, Globalization and Inequality and Introduction to Sociology.

Recent Publications

Maids and Masons. Class, Gender and Ethnicity in Migrant Experiences. With Bruno Monteiro. Venezia: SSIIM 2018 (eds.)

“Social Progress and Cultural Change”, with John Bowen, Will Kymlicka, Martin Hopenhayn, Takyiwaa Manuh, Raufu Mustapha and Jan Willem Duyvendak, in Rethinking society for the 21st century: Report of the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) 2015 – 2017. Cambridge and New Jersey: Cambridge University Press 2018

“African Migrant Workers and German Post-Growth Society”, der DFG-Kollegforscher_innengruppe Postwachstumgesselschaften. ISSN 2194-136XK 5/2017.

“Melting Pot: African Muslim Migrants in Cape Town”. Kayfee 1438. 2017.
“Knowledge Production in Africa: Inequality and Capitalism”, Review of African Political Economy, January 2017

“African Workers in Europe”, Review of African Political Economy, September 2016

“Migration and Inequality: African Migrant Workers in Germany, India and South Africa”. In A. Lenger and F. Schumacher (eds) Understanding the Dynamics of Global Inequality: Social Exclusion, Power Shift and Structural Changes. Munich: Springer. 2015

Gauging and Engaging Deviance, 1600 – 2000 with Ari Sitas, Nikos Trimiklionitis, Sumangala Damodaran and Wiebke Keim Delhi: Tulika Books 2014.