Assoc Prof Nomkhosi Xulu-Gama

Associate Professor

BSocSc (University of Natal in Durban); Honours in Social Science (UKZN); PGDip in Higher Education (UKZN); MA Social Sciences (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet in Freiburg, Germany); PhD (UCT)

Consultation Times:
(by appointment) 
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Nomkhosi joined UCT Department of Sociology in November 2019, from working as a Senior Researcher at the Christ Hani Institute. She has previously worked at the University of KwaZulu Natal as well as the Durban University of Technology. She is an Honorary Research Associate at DUT.  As a Fulbright scholar, she spent two academic semesters at the University of California, Berkeley.

Her research interests range from issues of migration, primarily rural-urban and stretching it to international migration; gender, social reproduction, livelihoods, identity and belonging. She also has a particular interest in higher education, student success, student access and student engagement.

Recent Publications

(in press) Xulu-Gama N, KwaMashu Hostel: Rural-urban interconnections in KwaZulu-Natal edited by Bank L and Posel D with Wilson F in Migrant Labour After Apartheid: Continuities and Change. HSRC Press, Cape Town

(2019) Xulu-Gama N, The role of student housing in student success: An ethnographic account. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa

(2018) Hemson, C; Ngidi N.D; Xulu-Gama, N. & Magudulela N. Gender, violence and the first-year curriculum edited by Patman R & Carolissen R; Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities. African Sun Media, Stellenbosch

(2018) Xulu-Gama N, A student centred approach: A qualitative exploration of how students experience access and success in a South African University of technology. Higher Education Research and Development Volume 37, Issue 6

(2018) Xulu-Gama N, Hostels as ‘forgotten spaces’ for trade union mobilisation in the post-apartheid era. South African Labour Bulletin Vol 42 No. 1 Mar/April

(2017) Xulu-Gama N, Hostels in South Africa: Spaces of Perplexity. UKZN Press. Pietermaritzburg

(2017) Xulu-Gama N, Violence and insecurity in the KwaMashu hostel at KwaZulu Natal.  Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology, Volume 30 Number 2, pp 1–11

(2015) Xulu N, Experiences of studying the former single sex hostel for migrant workers in South Africa Loyola Journal of Social Sciences Vol XXIX No. Jan-Jun 2015