Ethics for Anthropological Research at UCT

Social Anthropology at UCT is committed to ethical research at every level.

All student and staff research is expected to abide by Anthropology Southern Africa’s Principles of Conduct as accepted at the Bloemfontein Conference in 2004, and the UCT Humanities Guide to Research Ethics.

Codes of Ethics

Drafted by associations of anthropologists elsewhere include the following:

  • Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK.

  • American Anthropological Association Committee on Ethics.

  • The World Archaeological Congress.

Procedures for Ethical Clearance of Research

Before research is allowed to proceed, a research proposal must be presented to a Research Ethics Committee meeting comprising 2/3 of the Department’s academic staff. For details of forthcoming meetings, please contact the Department’s administrator, Colleen Petersen.

Guidelines & Downloads

Anthropology Southern Africa ethical guidelines: Download PDF here!

Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth ethical guidelines: Download PDF here!

American Anthropological Association code of ethics: Download PDF here!