ASL Vision and Statement




Building and nurturing African transformative and decolonial capabilities for learning, teaching and knowledge production


Our work is rooted in inter-disciplinary practices and traditions. ASL’s academic programmes seek to introduce students to key themes on African identities, languages, cultures, histories, pedagogues, political-economy, and epistemologies, and how these have been shaped by the way the continent has engaged with the rest of the world. Our approach to teaching, learning and research is rooted in   broader inter-disciplinary framework to develop critical theoretical abilities, while at the same time developing a socially and culturally aware scholarship and learning environment.

  • African Political and Economic Thought;
  • Politics of Language;
  • Pan-Africanism and Regional Integration;
  • African cultures and Identities;
  • African Heritage and Public Culture;
  • African literature;
  • African Linguistics;
  • Decolonial Studies, African Knowledges and Epistemologies;
  • Language and Race