Dion Eaby

African Music, Worlds of Music

Dion Malcolm Eaby-Lomas was awarded a Masters of Music (with distinction) from UCT in 2023, with a thesis titled "Kwaito's Legacy of Aestheticising Freedom: Amapiano in Langa Township and the World". This work highlights the distinctive way in which the black, township, electronic dance music uses a wide array of sensory forms to imagine and aestheticise freedom, and connect listeners throughout the world. As he prepares to continue this research, his interests lie in the way that South African music travels and empowers it's interlocutors on a global stage.

At the College of Music he teaches undergrad courses in the music of Africa and the world, in the hopes of producing students who are responsible global citizens. Whether it's uhadi bow music, punk rock or Beyoncé, he believes that music has much to teach us about the world around us and ourselves.