Programme Requirements

1. All applicants must be in possession of an Honours degree in psychology from a South African university (or an equivalent qualification recognised by the University of Cape Town and the Professional Board of Psychology). Students applying from outside of South Africa (e.g., neighbouring countries) should apply to the South African Qualifications Authority to have their degree evaluated. SAQA LEVEL 8 is the minimum requirement for your application. Please visit the SAQA website for further information regarding the evaluation of foreign qualifications. Please note that a Psychology Honours degree from UCT is not a requirement. 

2. An overall average mark of at least 70% for a Psychology Honours program.

3. A minimum of 70% for Neuropsychology (or equivalent) at Honours level.** 

If you do not have a final mark for your full Honours degree or for your Neuropsychology (or equivalent) course, you must include a letter from your course convenor/s confirming the partial marks you currently have for your:

  1. Honours overall coursework mark to date
  2. Honours Neuropsychology (or equivalent) course mark 

**Please note that the Psychology Honours programme at UCT is a single course that includes all content modules and a research component.  It is not possible to register for the Honours Neuropsychology module on its own.  Selection into the UCT Honours programme is also highly competitive.

Please note that the research dissertation comprises a substantial proportion (50%) of the degree mark, so appropriate training in Psychological research is also necessary.

Please see the UCT Humanities Postgraduate Handbook for more information. 

Application Procedure

NOTE! In order to apply for an M.A. in Neuropsychology at UCT, all candidates MUST complete BOTH UCT's application form (step 1 below) AND complete the internal departmental application form (step 2 below). Failure to complete one or both of these will mean that your application is incomplete and will not be considered). 

Please ensure that you complete all the steps outlined below by the closing date: 31 October 2024

1.  Make an online application for study through the central UCT Admissions Office by no later than 31 October 2024. Applications open from 2 April 2024. 

2.  Complete the Departmental application form. In this application you will need to submit a motivational letter, academic transcript(s), degree certificate(s), progress report (if currently completing honours), proof of payment (see below), and the names and contact details of two referees (see below). Click here to access the departmental application form. This must be completed and submitted by 31 October 2024. No late applications will be considered.

3.  In addition, two referee reports must be submitted (one must be an academic referee, preferably your honours supervisor). Please provide your two chosen referees with your UCT Student Number as they will need to include this information when submitting a report for you. If you are new to UCT, you will be given a student number once you have completed the UCT application (see point [1] above). Please send the following link to your two chosen referees: Referee reports are due when internal applications close on 31 October 2024. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees have submitted their reports by the deadline. No late referee reports will be accepted.   

4. Proof of EFT payment of the departmental application fee. The fee is R150 for South African applicants and R175 for international applicants. You will need to submit these documents with your application (in point [2] above). If we do not receive the proof of payment with your application, we have no record of the transaction. Banking details are provided below. Please note that this is an additional fee to UCT's general application fee. 

To apply for funding, please see the Postgraduate Funding Office.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

See more in the Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Handbook.

Banking Details:

UCT- Sundries
Account number: 071503854
Business Current Account
Rondebosch branch code: 025009

  • Please use the following reference: "420122 (your initial & surname) NEU" (if you can fit in NEU)
  • For international deposits only: Swift no: SBZAZAJJ

Selection Procedure

Selection into this program is highly competitive, as we get many more applicants than we can accommodate.  There are only 6 places available each year.  When making the selection we take into consideration academic record (especially at Honours level, but also overall; and appropriate academic background in Neuropsychology and cognate areas), personal suitability for clinical work, and a letter of motivation.  We also conform to UCT policy on equity. 

Applicants will be short-listed and will be required to attend an in-person interview if chosen. If you are not contacted for an interview, it means that your application was unsuccessful. Interviews typically take place in December. Interview dates will be relayed as soon as they become available. 

Important Notice

The HPCSA has now opened the Neuropsychology register.  Many of our graduates have taken the Board exam and are now registered.  The uncertainty around the Neuropsychology qualification therefore no longer pertains. Successful completion of UCT’s accredited MA Neuropsychology degree, an HPCSA approved internship, and their Board Exam, should qualify you for registration as a Neuropsychologist. However, ultimate authority to register an individual rests with the HPCSA and not with UCT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am doing Course X at University Y but have not completed Neuro-Psychology at Honours level.  Is my course equivalent?**

A: Some Honours level courses that cover brain and behaviour, physiological psychology, or human neuroscience topics may be considered equivalent to Neuro-Psychology at Honours level.  This depends on the particular course’s content and the level at which the course is taught.  Decisions regarding such courses will be made during the application and selection process each year. Please provide details in your letter of application.

Q: How is clinical suitability determined?

A: We use information from various parts of the full application and we interview short-listed candidates.

Q: Is it possible to do the course part-time?

A:  This is a full-time clinical training program. It is not possible to take it on a part-time basis. Students are required to be in Cape Town to complete their training. 

For any additional queries please contact Mia Karriem via email: