The undergraduate courses offered by the department prepare students for entry into both clinical- and research-based postgraduate programmes. The undergraduate psychology degree from UCT is internationally recognized, and many of the department's graduates have gone on to postgraduate studies in other universities around the world. 
The available courses cover the department's four principal areas of expertise: Social psychology, Developmental psychology, Clinical psychology and Cognitive and Neuro-psychology. All courses are taught by internationally published and recognized experts in the relevant areas. 
Students are encouraged to sample as many of these areas during their undergraduate degrees as possible, as UCT does not recognize specialization at the undergraduate level. The department offers Psychology courses to students in the Humanities faculty, and in other faculties in which psychology courses are prescribed for the degree. 
Please note that for purposes of entry into honours and other postgraduate programmes in the department, no particular mix of undergraduate psychology courses gives an advantage. Students are encouraged to focus on their areas of interest. Details on the degree structure and rules can be found in the Faculty of Humanities Undergraduate Handbook.