The Humanities Faculty offers 2 Extended Degree Programmes:

Degree Code Degree Name Majors
HB061 Bachelor of Arts (BA) See this Humanities Undergrad Handbook for list of majors
HB062 Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci)

See this Humanities Undergrad Handbook for list of majors

  • Extended Degree students must take and pass 22 courses in total, of which at least 2 must be EDU Introductory (DOH) or Numeracy (MAM) Courses, 12 must be Humanities courses, and at least 10 must be senior courses (2000- and 3000-level courses).
  • Wherever a semester course has a Plus Tutorial attached to it, ED students must be sure to register for BOTH the regular version AND the Plus tutorial – the Course Titles are the same, but the Plus Tutorial has a (+) at the end of the Course Title.   The list of first and second year courses with Plus Tutorials in 2021 can be found on page 17 of this ED Guide.
  • Following criteria from the Law Faculty students on the Humanities Extended Degree programmes who wish to major in Law may only begin this major in their THIRD YEAR of study, and must have an average of 65% or higher on a full standard course load (6 courses per year, NOT including Plus courses) in each year, with no failing marks, across their first two years of study.

Standard course load per year for Extended Degree Programmes:

Year of Study Degree Name Majors
1st 3 courses 3 courses
2nd 3 courses

3 courses

3rd 3 courses 3 courses
4th 2 courses 2 courses