Suite of Humanities Khanyisa Introductory Courses

Since 2020, the Humanities Faculty has rolled out a suite of new re-designed first-year level courses (named Khanyisa Courses) that are responsive to the need for decolonising higher education curricula. These courses use content that draws on our location in Africa in order to introduce different fields of study in the Arts and Social Sciences. They use innovative teaching and delivery methods which allow more time for active engagement and the development of critical reading and writing skills in the Humanities. There are no Plus tutorials attached to these courses because they are already pedagogically enriched courses. We highly recommend these courses to all general degree Humanities students, including Extended degree students.  These courses may be taken as electives or towards a major.

The re-designed courses offered in 2021 are as follows:

First Semester Second Semester
AXL 1400F ~ Words, Deeds, Bones and Things HST 1014S ~ Empires and Modernities
ELL 1013F ~ Literature How and Why? REL 1017S ~ African Religious Traditions
FAM 1001F ~ Media and Society SLL 1002S ~ Word Power
MUZ 1338F ~ Music in Society SLL1029S ~ Language and Cross-Cultural Communication
POL 1004F ~ Introduction to Politics  
SLL 1002F ~ Word Power  
SLL 1057F ~ Ancient Egypt  
SLL 1029F ~ Language and Cross-Cultural Communication