Many of the 1st and 2nd year courses you sign up for have additional forms of teaching and learning input running alongside regular lectures. These are called Plus Tutorials (or officially Augmenting Courses), for which ED students must be registered. These Plus Tutorials take the form of extra tutorials, reading & writing workshops, online writing support, assessment workshops, exam preparation support and so on. They are run by ED Teaching Assistants and ED Tutors. In 2021, all of this support will be offered online via the Vula learning platform.

As an ED student you need to take at least three (3) Plus Tutorials during the first and second years of your degree. Since these courses are there for academic support, you may take as many as are available alongside the regular courses you take.  You will get a Pass/ Fail mark for each Plus Tut on the basis of your participation and hand-ins at the end of each semester and they will reflect on your academic transcript. The Plus Tuts include online reading- and writing- intensive spaces, sometimes called Writing Hubs. These offer you opportunities to practice academic reading and writing and get online feedback from Tutors.