Workshop: Visual discourse analysis with Prof. Daniel Herwitz

27 Mar 2013
27 Mar 2013

We’re happy to announce the second instalment of our new Social Theory series. Following from the first instalment on ‘Theoretical approaches to discourse analysis’, Daniel Herwitz will give two lectures on ‘Theoretical approaches to visual discourse analysis’ at HUMA.

Prof Herwitz is a distinguished author and academic with many years of teaching experience. He has written extensively on modern and contemporary art, architecture, media and heritage. Among others, his books include The Star as Icon (Columbia, 2008), Key Concepts in Aesthetics (Continuum Press, 2008), Midnight’s Diaspora: Critical Encounters with Salman Rushdie(edited with Ashutosh Varshney, University of Michigan Press, 2008), and Making Theory/Constructing Art (Chicago, 1993).

Prof Herwitz’s lectures will take place on Wednesday, 10 April and on 17 April from 13h00 to 15h00. Both lectures will be held in the HUMA seminar room, 4th Floor, Humanities Graduate School Building, University Avenue and printed copies of recommended readings will be available for those who attend both lectures.

If you’d like to attend these lectures, please send your name and contact details to to reserve a place. Please RSVP so we can make adequate arrangements for readings and lunch. Lunch will be served from 12h00 onwards.


Apart from the two theory lectures, Prof Herwitz will also be presenting in our regular seminar series on Thursday, 11 April.