HUMA-LASPAD Publishing Africa Series  

Speaker: Divine Fuh (HUMA, South Africa)

Introduction: Despite recording one of the highest increases in academic authors and having circulated some of the most compelling and critical writers globally, the continent’s publishing infrastructure still remains largely unacknowledged, under-used, and under-resourced, particularly by its own intellectual community. Even with the resuscitation of the knowledge decolonisation and decolonial movements, the large proportion of African scholars continue to publish abroad, even when about decolonisation. How do we decolonise and introvert African scholarly publishing?  What interventions need to be carried out to strengthen Africa’s publishing and knowledge dissemination infrastructure? What knowledge activism strategies should the continent adopt to expand the global knowledge?

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*Publishing Africa: Towards re-building a disobedient publishing ecosystem. Divine Fuh (2020). Draft

Divine Fuh

About the speaker: Divine Fuh is Director of HUMA – Institute for Humanities at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, founding Managing Editor of Langaa RPCIG, former Director of CODESRIA’s Publications and Dissemination Programme, editor and on the board of several journals and publishing initiatives. His work focuses on the politics of suffering and smiling, and the political economy of Pan-African knowledge production.