Patience Masi

PhD Student, IDCPPA

Patience Masi, from Malawi, is pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Cape Town and is a PhD student for the IDCPPA. Her research focuses on the drivers and constraints of the expansion of social protection, with Malawi as a case study.  Prior to this, for ten years, she worked in the field of social protection on the largest cash transfer programme in Malawi, the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme, where she contributed to the establishment of the programme from a pilot to nationwide coverage targeting 1.2 million people in a population of close to 20 million.  She has also worked as an Economist for the Malawian Government, providing advice to the Finance Minister on how to raise domestic revenue. 

Patience has a passion for development work and has project management experience in various sectors such as nutrition, decentralization, private sector development and social protection.   Using her knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired through formal education, work experience and various extra-mural activities, Patience strives to empower others, especially women, children and the youth, so that they can realise their full potential.

 Looking forward, she hopes to use the skills she acquires from her PhD to influence the development of social protection policy and programmes in Malawi and the region, as one way of reducing poverty and investing in the lives of vulnerable people

Biography from MMEG