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The UCT TV Studio is a fully equipped video and audio production facility managed by UCT’s Centre for Film and Media Studies. Our primary mandate is to provide UCT students with space and equipment to grow their practical and technical skills in film and television, thus empowering them to excel in the industry after graduation.

We also pride ourselves in opening doors to aspiring film and video makers who are not enrolled at UCT. Through several social responsiveness programmes, learners can gain vocational skills that begin their journey towards a career in film, television and other content production.

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In all the productions above, some of our stepping stones and UCT film and screen production were part of the crew. For the production of all the shows like Higher Education Today and Nah' Mean!, all the crew members were the stepping stones trainees, working on their final project for graduations under supervision of UCT TV staff members and other industry gurus such as Marious van Straaten and Liani Maasdorp.

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