Fabian Saptouw

Research Associate, Senior Lecturer, Honours Programme in Curatorship

Fabian Saptouw is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and teaches a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Saptouw’s research interests include Bookmaking, Text-Image studies, the history of the printed word and the relationship of these concepts to the contemporary manifestation of the artist’s book. This interest in the seemingly infinite possibilities of text is paired with an interest in Process Art, Materiality and Conceptualism.

He is currently registered for his PhD and his research project entails delving into the archive as a site for meaning making through curatorial investigation. The project investigates the slippages between the archival object and its digital surrogate, with specific reference to the manuscript object. An additional interest is the consideration of what the library of the future will become in light of the multi-sensorial nature of reading as a performative act that simultaneously reaches into the past and the future.