Voni Baloyi

Voni Baloyi was born in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg in 1999. She gained experience working with a commercial gallerist in Cape Town after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and Law from the University of Cape Town in 2020. In her research, she deals with notions of pleasure and eroticism in imaginings of black women, and with how public perceptions of rest influence the ways in which labour is conducted and exploited. She is thus concerned with labour practices and policies that infringe upon access to pleasure and dignity as inscribed in documents such as the Constitution of South Africa. In critiquing the moral policing that occurs within society through engaging with specific local archives, Baloyi wishes to trace the metamorphosis of identity within black pleasure and rest practices in contrast to contemporary expressions.

Seth Kriger

Seth Kriger, who was born and raised in Cape Town, graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History, English Literature, and Film and Television Studies. Now operating within the realm of curatorial studies, Kriger’s practice is primarily concerned with spatial ecologies, knowledge (re)production, memory, and curatorial pedagogies relating to socio-geopolitics. Kriger seeks to engage with the publicness of curatorship, unpacking how urban, environmental and social geographies operate as curatorial archives and platforms that invite public access and social shifts. 

Khumo Magano

While born in South Africa, Khumo Magano identifies with being both South African and Batswana. Growing up amongst various cultures and in multiple environments, she developed a keen interest in black lives and social issues. She has a natural affinity for expressions of light, having always been captivated by art, images and photographs. Magano pursued her passion for photography after obtaining her undergraduate degree, exploring themes of death and regeneration to highlight broader social issues. Her thesis project for the Honours in Curatorship course is focused on the relationship between the chair and the patriarchy and its symbolising of comprehension, acceptance, authority, a giving and taking of life, torture, and execution. 

Samuel Jordan

Samuel Jordan was born in Durban, and is a film-maker, sound designer, and digital artist now based in Cape Town. Jordan completed his Bachelor of Arts degree specialising in Film Production and Anthropology at the University of Cape Town in 2020. Jordan, in his process work and experimentation with multiple media, distils reality through deconstructing, breaking down and reassembling the fundamental. His designs are constructed out of complementary colours, patterns in unexpected objects, and shadow shapes that project visual rhythms. Jordan is researching how the Internet can be reused, reanimated, and placed into the physical world for his Honours in Curatorship project. He is also working on a monthly radio show and an event that merges installation art and live sound experiments