Fazlin van der Schyff

Digital technician

Digitizing and scanning

Fazlin van der Schyff trained at Scanshop in Cape Town, doing scanning, retouching, digital photography and working with Photoshop. She digitised the bulk of the Bleek and Lloyd manuscript collection and is now working on the |xam dictionary. She is also reponsible for the scanning and cataloguing of various other aspects of the Centre’s collections and for the printing of exhibition materials.

Exhibitions (digitisation, printing and framing):
Sophia Klaase: Extraordinary Lives
Spring Queen: The Staging of the Glittering Proletariat II
Martyrs, Saints and Sell-outs
The Mirror in the Ground
Returned to Harfield
Movie Snaps: Cape Town Remembers Differently
A House In Harrington Street
Promises and Lies: A exhibition of photographs by Laurie Sparham
Cedric Nunn, Return: Surviving Genocide, Dispossession and Erasure
A Stygian Darkness: Destruction and detritus in the South African mining industry
Towards Freedom II

Digital archives (digitization):
Shared Legacies
Martyrs, Saints and Sell-outs
Sequins, Self and Struggle
Extraordinary Lives: The Photographs of Sophia Klaase
Rethinking freedom through a different lens: The photography of Zubeida Vallie
The Digital Bleek and Lloyd
The Mirror in the Ground: archeology, photography and the making of a disciplinary archive
UCT Pathology Learning Centre: Surgical Photographs (1920-1980)

Publications (digitization of archival photographs):
Age is a beautiful phase by James Matthews
An Impossible Return by Siona O'Connell

Symposia (printing):
Vice Chancellors Conversation (St Georges Cathedral, 2014)
Towards an archive of freedom: Why now? (District 6 Homecoming Centre, Cape Town, 2015)
Re-imagining: Museums and Archives (Norval Foundation, Cape Town, November 2018)