Magdaleen du Toit

PhD candidate

Magdaleen is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Curating the Archive. Her research is focused on the convening, dispersal, and curation of the Bleek and Lloyd Collection, with particular inquiry into the understudied !kun section. Through her doctoral project, she aims to draw attention to the value of the !kun collection and the knowledge it holds. Her work forms a part of a rebuilding of the Digital Bleek and Lloyd and a consortium between the Centre for Curating the Archive and the Archive and Public Culture initiative, interested in the ways that archives can be reimagined.

Magdaleen graduated from the CCA’s Honours in Curatorship programme in 2017 after which she joined the team as a research assistant and project manager. She was an exhibitions assistant on Erf 81: two decades of living on the fringe, looking at the untold stories of the people of the Cederberg and Hantam region; the Homes of the Bo-Kaap travelling exhibition; the CCA's web and social media pages and the researcher and project manager for Onthouers|Rememberers.