Stephen Inggs

Research Associate

Stephen Inggs is a Professor and former Director of the Michaelis School of Fine Art. His major research interests include printmaking, photography, artists’ books and portfolios, the archaeology of identity. His projects have been largely located in lithography, photography and printmaking, each of which has had a complex history and relationship to issues of identity and the politics of knowledge. The influence of technology on aesthetic criteria in printmaking and photography is an ongoing concern that has informed creative production. Major projects have included print, book and portfolio publications such as the curated Working Proof Portfolio and the artist’s book What’s Bred in the Stone. Recent projects include the print series Journeys, which explores the meaning of objects as they are removed from the locus of archaeology to the locus of display.

Inggs co-founded the Katherine Harries Print Cabinet with Pippa Skotnes in 1986 with the objectives of promoting, collecting and exhibiting prints as well as cataloguing, conserving and documenting the valuable collection of prints held by the Michaelis School of Fine Art. The Katherine Harries Print Cabinet has also been responsible for the production and publication of a series of limited edition artists’ books including original prints.


Projects & Curations