Andrew Putter recently returned from Europe where he is exhibiting on two important shows. The first of these is 'ARS 11' at the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, an Africa-focused show of contemporary art. Thirty four artists are represented on the exhibition, a number of them well-known for their contribution to the late 20th century international artworld. Artists include Samuel Fosso, El Anatsui and J.D 'Okhai Ojeikere.

Putter is also exhibiting on the upcoming Venice Biennale, in a Dutch-curated show at the Palazzo Bembo on the Grand Canal, next to the Rialto Bridge. The show combines artworld luminaries with younger, lesser-known artists. Included are Marina Abramovic – the performance artist – and Carl Andre – one of the progenitors of Minimalist Art.

Two of the images on the exhibition in Helsinki: