In September 2011 Clare Butcher will be participating in the Deutsche Börse Residency Programme

The programme was set up by Chus Martinez who is now the chief curator at the Museo d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) and is primarily a site of activation for the Frankfurter Kunstverein - a space where ideas within the institution can be drawn out and worked on by invited artists, curators and mediators, who may then also work on a project focused on the city of Frankfurt or together with an institution there. "I will be using this time to further my research around exhibition histories, primarily looking at the work of Brecht in its German context".


Clare has also been invited to participate in a programme in Zagreb called Micropolitics: New Territories of Art. "The theme of 2011 is New territories of art and the main idea is to talk about spaces where contemporary art is produced, generated and presented. Conceptual and performative re-definition of the idea of "exhibiting" is in the focus of institutions for some time now. Curatorial practice has to say goodbye to the idea of "exhibition space" as a place where contemporary art can only be presented, and instead new places and locations for art are to be found.

Within the programme for 2011 we want to focus on spaces that are in-between galleries, museums and off-spaces. That are the places of production, communication, research, discussion and distribution which are using various media channels. Their status in-between is seen as an opportunity that allows diverse approach to exhibiting where an exhibition functions as a sort of dispositive of cultural practice that is context orientated and shaped accordingly while communicating specific socio-political issues.

This years programme is curated by Vesna Vuković, Ivana Hanacek and Irena Boric. It is organized through the association blok- a local base for culture refreshment. Local base for culture refreshment is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that produces and organizes innovative artistic events, works on widening and changing public spaces through inspiring citizens participation, hybrid artistic research project focused on rethinking social phenomena and urban structure. [BLOK] works on creating and preserving continuum of artistic effect in the public space."