Pippa Skotnes, Gwen van Embden and Fritha Langerman, 2004-2005, Hiddingh Hall, University of Cape Town.

This project ‘to curate the university’ was inspired to coincide with the UCT’s 175th anniversary. The curators wanted to represent the university in all its diversity, drawing together collections of objects housed within it. At the same time, and more importantly, the project sought to subject the process of collecting and exhibiting to scrutiny and to force collections of objects from different disciplines into dialogue with each other. In this way, the exhibition was less about the university’s history than about disciplinarity, classificatory systems and the spaces where disciplines can be encouraged to creatively intersect.

Read more about Curiosity CLXXV on co-curator Fritha Langerman's website here.

Publications which accompanied the exhibition:

Monday Monthly - The University of Cape Town Newspaper

Love Letter to a University - The Chronicle of Higher Education