Not My War

An exhibition of works by significant South African artists reflecting on the country’s involvement in border wars in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola during the 1960s to 1980s.

Curated by David Brits, with participating artists Wayne Barker, Christo Doherty, Paul Emmanuel, John Liebenberg, Jo Ractliffe, Colin Richards, Chad Rossouw, Penny Siopis, Christopher Swift and Gavin Younge. Exhibition and catalogue texts by Natasha Norman.

29 June - 25 July 2012

Dark Side of the Moon

Rather than fixed within the “eternity of display” as objects of study, the works here are satellites suspended in a fleeting moment of display, each alluding to its vast, though perhaps unseen, research project. This show is the Michaelis leg of the yearly reciprocal exhibitions initiated by 2nd year MFA students from the Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Wits Fine Art Department.

19 June - 10 July 2012

The Masters Grad Show 2012

A selection of work from the final exhibitions of Masters graduates of 2011, the second of what Michaelis is developing into an annual Masters Grad Show event to showcase the next generation of artistic thinkers. Curated by Cara van der Westhuizen, this show seeks to address notions of the passing of time: between the present and the past as mirrored in the space where these recent graduates now find themselves.

5 - 22 June 2012

The A.R.T Show

The A.R.T. Show was an exhibition in a series which has included Make Art/Stop Aids and Not Alone - all curated by Carol Brown and David Gere, with institutional support from the UCLA Art and Global Health Programme. The letters A.R.T. stand for Anti-Retroviral Treatment, as well as signifying creativity. The relationship between the complexities of treatment and its representations through visual art is examined in the exhibition.

3 - 26 April 2012

Imperfect Librarian

A new body of works in progress by ARC activists. Confronted by the impossibility of faithfully reproducing, arranging and freeze-framing certain facts as they appear, the group enter into “the library” a set of unorthodox practices and materials which challenge the notion of archival practice. Taking its title from Borges’s short story, Library of Babel, this exhibition seeks to reflect on the unusual research paths, unruly classificatory systems and multiple dimensions operational in the production of history.

12 - 26 March 2012

Editions for ArtThrob 

and a print performance over three nights by Athi-Pathra Ruga.

2 - 4 August 2011

Michaelis Fundraiser Auction Exhibition

Work for sale by staff and ex-students, including Jane Alexander, Marlene Dumas, Claudette Schreuders, Gavin Jantjes, Mikhael Subotsky, Penny Siopis, Lisa Brice, Brett Murray, Sue Williamson and others.

12 - 20 July 2011

1:nineteen and Synecdoche

Third Year Fine Art Curatorial Elective exhibitions.

3 May 2011

10 Years ON

A Group Show of Members of the Michaelis Class of 2001; curated by Andrew Lamprecht & Jessa Mockeridge.

2 - 29 March 2011

Paradox of Plenty

Open studio and exhibition by Jeannette Unite.

2 - 29 March 2011

The Sketch Assembly: Merry Company

An exhibition of artistic process: Andrew Putter with a group of 20 collaborators.

19 - 21 October 2010

Artworks in Progress

An exhibition of artwork by the staff of the Michaelis School of Fine Art. 

16 September - 6 October 2010

reGeneration2 – Tomorrow’s Photographers Today

Curated by William Ewing and Nathalie Herschdorfer from the Musée de l’Elysée, Switzerland. 

27 July - 3 September 2010

Soccer Kultcha

An exhibition curated by Paul Weinberg, Warren Nelson and Leanne Barling. 

11 June - 10 July 2010

Third Worlds: Model Cities

A collaboration between Tessa Dowling (Professor of South African Languages at UCT); Harry Garuba (Professor of English and African Studies at UCT); Svea Josephy (photographer and Senior Lecturer at Michaelis School of Fine Art); Noëleen Murray (architect and academic affiliated with the Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape and previously with the Centre for African Studies at UCT) and architect Carson Smuts, along with assistance from John Coetzee, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Justin Brett and Shafiek Matthews and Proposal for a new city: the same as the old one, an installation by GIPCA Fellow and fine artist Jonah Sack. 

18 February - 19 March 2010