A variety of rocks sourced from Hiddingh Campus in combination with Early and Middle Stone Age tools from the Archaeology department, arranged according to type and combined with a mixture of historical and personal associations.


In the retrospective exhibition, Index, Professor Stephen Inggs presents a survey of his work spanning 25 years – a nexus of an ever expanding anthology of the overlooked, recording that which is inherently transient. Through the development of an ‘archaeographical’ method of unearthing, collecting and photographing found objects, the works on display create associations and traces as indexes and indicators, linking our thoughts about the constructions of the past, in relation to the present.

Appendix, formulated by Nina Liebenberg and the 2014 Honours in Curatorship students, celebrates this methodology, along with Professor Inggs’s 30 years at the University of Cape Town, and 6 years as director of the Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Collaborating with the Archaeology, Zoology and Botany departments, students assembled pottery shards, soil samples, bones and rocks from Hiddingh campus and subjected these to the scientific scrutiny of specialists from each department – to classify and combine with specimens from existing collections, using their own playful taxonomic devices.