Below is an example of what should be included in your reference letter. Please send these details on to your referee.



Dear Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies:

It is my great pleasure to recommend [pupil first and last name] for consideration for your programme of study and the University of Cape Town.  I am [his/her] teacher at [name of high school] and have taught the pupil for [how many] years. I teach [subject] at our school.

I recommend [Pupil name] for the following reasons:

Here you should discuss

  • The pupil’s ability to engage in academic work, i.e. reading texts, writing essays, independent reading. How would you describe the pupil’s ability to work?
  • The pupil’s participation in arts events at school or in the community, e.g. performing in school play, dance, eisteddfods, community drama or dance groups, one-act festivals, dance competitions.
  • How easily does the pupil communicate with others, and work as part of a team?
  • How would you describe the pupil’s temperament?
  • Would you say that your pupil is in the top ten percent of your school?



[Title, name of high school]]

[Email address]

[Phone number]