The MA programme in Applied Theatre is a coursework degree over two years, consisting of 4 courses and a dissertation. The programme is designed to be flexible in developing core skills of applied performance, namely facilitation, pedagogical practices, contextual aesthetics and ethics of practice, and project design and implementation in dance or theatre or an interdisciplinary context. The programme also offers the individual student an opportunity to develop their own interests within the applied performance field, provided that staff are suitably qualified to supervise the studies. The programme comprises of a Studio Practice course, a Seminar series, and a Fieldwork course.

The fourth course (Topics) is either an elective from another discipline or an independent topic of special interest to the individual student (supervised).

The dissertation is expected to be based on Fieldwork, 25 000 words.

The Applied Theatre programme is convened by Associate Professor Veronica Baxter (theatre), with Ms Lisa Wilson (Dance), Dr Gerard Samuel (Dance) and Ms Terri Elliott (theatre) as core lecturers.

We invite applications from students wishing to work in applied performance contexts including education, social justice, disability/inclusive and social health.

Admission Requirements:

An honours degree in Drama/Theatre/Performance or a four-year degree of Honours equivalence.

In order to complete the MA Applied programme students must register for 4 courses, and the dissertation research course:

Core Courses, over 18 – 24 Months:

TDP5017H Applied Drama and Theatre Studies

The purpose of this component to provide knowledge, insight into, and the requisite written research skills useful to the field of Applied Drama and Theatre.

TDP5016H Applied Theatre Fieldwork

The purpose of this component is for the candidate to gain first-hand experience in the field. In the course of their studies, candidates will undertake at least one, and not more than two, ‘fieldwork’ practical projects, cognate to the selected research focus, and agreed upon by the supervisor and MA convenor.

TP5010W Applied Drama and Theatre Studies (Research Dissertation)

Candidates will undertake and complete supervised research on an approved topic and field of research emerging from, and relevant to, their chosen focus which is likely to have emerged during the initial coursework year. This focus should be developed, to some extent, through study in all of the first year courses. Such studies may, at points, appear to be divergent but, as the year progresses, should reveal a common focus.

TDP5015H Applied Theatre Practice

The purpose of this component is to provide practical skills training and development necessary to the Applied Theatre practitioner, in the form of daily studio sessions.

Elective Courses:

TDP5014H Topics in Applied Theatre Studies

An area of study selected by the candidate is pursued with the approval of the course leader and Head of Department.


Candidates select any course offered by the Graduate School of Humanities which complements their study.

MA applied theatre students on stage.

*All photos on this page: Second year CTDPS students working with Second Chance Theatre Project. Pictures by Mark Wessels.