And Then...

And Then…

And Then… performed by the acclaimed dancer-choreographer, jackï job, and classical piano virtuoso, José Dias. The signature style of this award-winning duo once again promises to take audiences on a hypnotising, compelling journey.
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Visions In 2

"Visions In 2" By 3rd & 4th Year Dance Performers

"Visions in 2" shows two works: "Visions of Womanhood" performed by 3rd Year Dance Performance students and directed by Tanzley Jooste; and "Imagined Futures" performed by 4th Year Dance Performance students and directed by Louise Coetzer.
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The Best Stories

The (Best) Stories by Luyanda Jantjies

An exploration of black joy, love and spirituality and what all of these things mean within a South African context when not all black bodies have the privilege of even considering these things.
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