Video Audition Instructions DANCE

  • Your video should be 10 minutes maximum.

  • Begin with a personal introduction that includes your name, age, where you are from, your dance background  and why you want to study dance at UCT.

  • Your video should be filmed full length, not only your face.

  • Your video should demonstrate your dance skills and abilities in TWO of the following dance disciplines: Contemporary dance; Classical ballet; African dance.  For each of your two choices, show yourself performing  i) floorwork or barrework, ii)  standing or centre work  iii) travelling jumps iv) dance combinations/routines. You should be dancing alone in the demonstrations and not with other individuals.
  • Your video should  also include a one minute solo, preferably choreographed by you. You may choose to use costumes and props as you see fit but try to keep this to a minimum.
  • You are only able to submit ONE video and so your audition video will have four parts:

1. Introduction

2. Technique 1 Demonstration

3. Technique 2 Demonstration

4. Solo Performance 

We are looking for advanced-beginner to intermediate level technical training in dance that demonstrates body coordination, musicality,  flexibility, stamina, individual expressiveness/artistry and a commitment to developing technical skills. HAVE A GREAT AUDITION!


  • The video does not have to be HD quality, but aim to keep the camera completely still (i.e. no camera movement).
  • You can film on your cell phone camera or a basic digital camera.
  • Your video will not be judged on production value so keep the videorecording as simple as possible.